A Truckload of Resources on the Southernification of Rural America

Source: Model Citizen
by Will Wilkinson

“My piece from early last week, ‘The Density Divide and the Southernification of Rural America,’ … turned out to be a humdinger, traffic-wise. It’s my most popular post yet! I’ve promised a second installment speculating about the mechanisms that might be driving Southernification. I’m hard at work on it. … However, the popularity of the first installment has complicated the delivery of the second installment because readers and Twitter followers recommended a bunch of books and articles. On the one hand, this is awesome. I love it when others do my research for me. On the other hand, it’s cruel to be so helpful in this way to a person like me. I’m now terrified that these generously offered resources contain proof of the idiocy of my own embryonic ideas. So I must check them all out.” (09/09/21)