Thailand: Progressive Move Forward party braces for court case that might dissolve it

Source: SFGate

“The former leader of Thailand’s progressive opposition Move Forward party vowed on Sunday to keep fighting as the party faces a court case that could result in its dissolution. The Constitutional Court has agreed to rule on whether the party violated the constitution by proposing to amend a law that forbids defaming the country’s royal family. The petition requested the party’s dissolution and a 10-year ban on political activity by its executives. The court has not said when it will rule on this case. Pita Limjaroenrat, the former leader of Move Forward, laid out the details of the party’s legal defenses that have been submitted to the court at a news conference on Sunday. ‘If there is a rule of law in Thailand, I’m extremely confident’ the party’s arguments will prevail, he said.” (06/09/24)