We Fight the Same Battles Over and Over Again

Source: Town Hall
by Mark Lewis

“There are simple life truths that apply to most people. A few can defy them, most can’t, and the masses, never. (‘Individuals have conquered themselves. Nations and large bodies of men, never.’ —John Adams) For example: Going downhill is easier than going uphill. Being lazy requires less effort than working hard. Self-control is far more difficult than licentiousness. Lies are believed more readily than truth because lies are more pleasant to human ears and tell us what we want to hear. Being ignorant and stupid is easy and comfortable; gaining knowledge and wisdom demands a supreme struggle. That’s just a few interesting, and undeniable, maxims. The truly virtuous and strong of character can conquer themselves. But, ‘is there any virtue among us?’ James Madison asked. Virtue is hard to obtain and maintain. Some people do it. Most don’t. Nations never for long.” (06/08/24)