SCOTUS bribe take since 2004 tops $4.7 million, mostly to Thomas

Source: Courthouse News Service

“A report released Thursday puts numbers to the Supreme Court’s ethics scandals, finding that the justices have received over 300 gifts [sic] worth $3 million in the last 20 years. Judiciary watchdog Fix the Court unveiled a detailed account of the value of the gifts [sic] that ignited calls for ethics reform at the court. … From January 2004 to December 2023, the nine justices accepted 344 gifts [sic] valued at almost $3 million. That total grows to over $4.7 million when adding in 202 additional gifts [sic] accepted by the eight justices who have left the court since 2004. Justice Clarence Thomas has accepted over twice as many gifts [sic] as any other justice, with a total of 103 gifts [sic] totaling $2,402,310. Fix the Court identified an additional 101 gifts [sic] the George H.W. Bush appointee likely received based on news reporting. The additional $1.7 million in gifts [sic] brings Thomas’ gift [sic] total to over $4 million.” (06/06/24)