Anthony Fauci has made a mockery of science

Source: spiked
by Cory Franklin

“The truth is, there was something resembling an evidential basis for the social-distancing rules. But if Fauci ever acknowledged the true origins of this policy, it would expose just how badly he bungled the Covid-19 pandemic – and how far away from actual science he and his fellow public-health officials strayed. The data behind the six-foot recommendation were well-known to all the researchers involved with Covid-19 recommendations in the US, Great Britain and western Europe. … By denying there was any basis to the six-foot recommendation, Fauci is trying to avoid discomfiting questions about one of the biggest scientific failures of the pandemic response – namely, the failure to take into account that Covid could be spread by airborne transmission, and not just by droplets.” (06/06/24)