NYT’s Kantor Has History Of Peddling Deranged Anti-Alito Hoaxes

Source: The Federalist
by Mollie Hemingway

“The Supreme Court’s latest term is ending, and the justices are about to hand down their remaining decisions. The court already unanimously slapped down a coordinated Democrat effort to remove the top Republican from the ballot. Other issues related to Democrats’ unprecedented lawfare against Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump and his supporters will also be handed down by the court in the next few weeks. Many left-wing activists are furious with the court, the last functioning institution in America and the only one they do not control. They have launched a scorched-earth attempt to destroy the court ahead of the end of the term. One such left-wing activist is Jodi Kantor of The New York Times. Unable to critique the court for any legitimate reason, Kantor has taken to writing numerous obsessive hit pieces not just about the wife of a Supreme Court justice, but about her flag choices.” (06/06/24)