Why the Spineless, Craven, & Sold-Out GOP Sides with Trump’s Big Lie 2.0

Source: Hartmann Report
by Thom Hartmann

“As we remember and honor the sacrifice of American GIs who died at Normandy in the battle against fascism, it’s vital to realize that the struggle against that evil form of government is once again before us. From November 2020 until last week we lived in the era of Trump Big Lie 1.0, his assertion that he’d won an election he actually lost by over 7 million votes. It was a bold, audacious move, something no American politician had ever had the fundamental lack of integrity, decency, or shame to try. While some of the most spineless, craven, and sold-out Republicans were quick to take his side with Big Lie 1.0 … there were still some who held to principle and didn’t vote to overthrow the election.” (06/06/24)