US FDA Rescinds Market Denial Order for Juul Products

Source: US Neews & World Report

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said on Thursday it was rescinding a June 2022 order that briefly blocked sale of Juul Lab’s products, including its e-cigarette device. The latest move comes a few months after Juul sought an FDA authorization for new menthol-flavored pods meant to be used with its e-cigarette device, which was under the agency’s review. The FDA in June 2022 banned Juul’s four varieties of tobacco and menthol-flavored pods and the e-cigarette device after it concluded that the company failed to show that sale of these products would be appropriate for public health. The ban was stayed a month later after an appeal by the company.” [editor’s note: The bureaucrats involved should be required to reimburse Juul for its costs/losses. Out of their own pockets, not the taxpayers’ – TLK] (06/06/24)