The Deep State Is Not Shutting Down Alex Jones

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“Famous right-wing broadcaster Alex Jones and some of his supporters are claiming that the Deep State is on the verge of shutting down him and his media company, Free Speech Systems, including his Infowars operation. Pure nonsense. It’s not the Deep State that is threatening Jones with a shutdown. It’s a U.S. bankruptcy court that is doing so. And that’s because Jones placed himself under the jurisdiction of a federal bankruptcy judge when he filed for bankruptcy protection after courts in Connecticut and Texas entered judgments against him for $1.5 billion. … there are lots of people in the United States who declaim against the Deep State. The U.S. government is not seizing their assets and shutting them down. The U.S. government is also not arresting them and incarcerating them, as the Chinese, Cuban, North Korean, and Russian governments do to people in those countries who rail against their government.” ()6/06/24)