SpaceX Starship makes first splashdown

Source: Semafor

“SpaceX’s much-hyped fourth test of its Starship megarocket ended in success on Thursday. The Starship successfully entered orbit and then re-entered Earth’s atmosphere, and eventually splashed down in the Indian Ocean for the first time, Space X said. The ship’s Super Heavy booster system also spashed down successfully. Elon Musk’s rocket company first tried to launch Starship in 2023: The test ended in flames, prompting months of federal safety investigations. Since then, Starship has flown twice and shown progress toward becoming a usable rocket each time. … The explicit goal of Starship is to fulfill Elon Musk’s desire to colonize Mars. The Starship is the tallest ever built, has the most engines, and is designed to be reusable — a key feature to enable back-and-forth trips between Mars and Earth.” (06/06/24)