We Keep Us Grammatical

Source: Law & Liberty
by Joshua T Katz

“‘We keep us safe’ is a progressive mantra. At Princeton, for example, this statement, plus an exclamation point, heads the tweet with the ‘Princeton Gaza Solidarity Encampment Community Guidelines’ that Princeton Israel Apartheid Divest (@PtonDivestNow) posted on April 26, the day after the local encampment was set up. And on May 15, in announcing that the encampment was ‘open for its last day,’ the organizers wrote, ‘We keep us safe.’ The mantra is by no means confined to Princeton. It has been shouted, chanted, and written over and over again these past months at Columbia, at Yale, at UCLA, and all over the country. At some level, it’s not a bad turn of phrase. … The catch, however, is that ‘We keep us safe’ would appear to be ungrammatical.” (06/06/24)