Trump vs. Biden: The Libertarian Dilemma

Source: Palm Beach Examiner
by Karl Dickey

“While we can all [sic] agree from a strategic standpoint, Donald Trump is the lesser evil when compared to Joe Biden & Co. Yet, from a Libertarian point of view, he’s hard to take, even though many Libertarians have voiced their intent to hold their nose in November and give him their vote to avoid another disastrous four years of Biden’s policies. The beef I have with Trump is his rhetoric rarely bears fruit. He’s promised to eliminate the federal Dept of Education, why didn’t he do it while he was president? He’s promised to free Ross Ulbricht, he had four years while he was president, why didn’t he do it? He’s promised to end ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act) yet he never touched it.” [editor’s note: I don’t agree that Trump is a “lesser evil.” He’s pretty much an “exactly as evil” – TLK] (06/06/24)