Six feet under: How Fauci buried public trust in “the experts”

Source: The Hill

“Dr. Anthony Fauci became a symbol of the pandemic in the United States — loved or loathed, depending on your political leaning. But recently he’s been off the national stage, allowing the COVID-19 pandemic to drift out of the public spotlight and away from the psychological scars of the past. This week, Fauci returned — hauled in front of the House COVID subcommittee to comment on America’s response to the pandemic, and his role in it. Despite time and new information, Fauci remained defiant and indignant, refusing to budge an inch toward introspection over how he swayed the public toward mitigation efforts that have since been proven either irrelevant, wildly overstated or outright wrong. … while not alone, he is perhaps the most specific reason for the decline in public trust in ‘the experts’ when it comes to the scientific establishment, and ‘The Science’ more broadly.” (06/06/24)