Biden’s Desperate Attempt to Paint Trump As a Racist

Source: Town Hall
by John R Lott, Jr.

“A new Biden ad quotes Trump saying, ‘Of course, I hate these people.’ The ad explains, ‘Donald Trump disrespecting black folk is nothing new’. The ad claims that Trump ‘called for the execution of 5 innocent black and brown teenagers’, ‘stood with violent white supremacists’, ‘warned of “a bloodbath” if he loses the next election’, ‘was sued for refusing to rent his apartments to black families’, and ‘vowed to be a “dictator” who wants revenge on his enemies’. The ad ends again with Trump saying, ‘Of course I hate these people’. It’s reminiscent of Biden’s 2012 claim that Mitt Romney would ‘put you all back in chains’. With polls showing Trump’s average support among blacks at 21%, twice what Trump’s voting share in 2020, the Biden campaign is freaking out.” (06/05/24)