Beware When Leftist [sic] Journalists Use Founders to Attack Trump

Source: Townhall
by Tim Graham

“In 1999, when Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about sex with an intern named Monica Lewinsky, Geraldo Rivera was furious on the ‘Today’ show: ‘It was a spiteful action, an action that they performed absolutely in violation of the framers’ intent. It was a legislative coup d’etat.’ Impeaching Trump twice was never a ‘coup’ to NBC News. But the worst part of that spectacle was leftist [sic] activists like Rivera trying to speak for the framers of the Constitution. He was implying it wasn’t just a revolting result but revolting in the eyes of James Madison and the rest. The Left reveres nothing about the Founders, routinely denouncing them as a racist, sexist, capitalist patriarchy. This regrettable citation of the Founding Fathers happened again with the Trump trial, and again in this case, the American revolutionaries were placed on the side of the Democrats.” (06/05/24)