GOP threats to the American Way are not normal

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
by Will Bunch

“If Donald Trump manages to win the November presidential election despite his 34 felony convictions, and if he decides to follow the U.S. Constitution as 47th president — two gigantic ifs, for sure — then he’s going to need at least 50 GOP senators, and possibly one or two more, to ram through his oddball MAGA cabinet secretaries and far-right judges. Currently, Republicans only have 49 Senate seats. It would sure help Project 2025 — Trump’s 900-page blueprint for a dictatorship — if the GOP could steal a seat in a deep-blue Democratic state like, say, Maryland. As it happens, Maryland Republicans nominated the only man who could possibly pull it off: the popular, center-right two-term ex-governor Larry Hogan. In normal times, the Republican National Committee would be going to mat to help Hogan in any way possible. But you may have noticed that 2024 is not a normal year, not by a Preakness longshot.” (06/04/24)