Happy Pride! Gay sex is boring

Source: Sex and the State
by Cathy Reisenwitz

“It’s Pride month. So, naturally, I’m thinking about shame. Specifically, I’m remembering learning, in my Southern Baptist churches, that gay sex was a sin. And it was a very, very bad one at that. In retrospect, this is a very weird thing to think, much less say. Someone please alert the Southern Baptists that they can, in fact, just not think about gay sex. That is always an option. It’s even weirder that so many ostensibly straight people are still so obsessed with gay sex. … As a Southern Baptist kid, I couldn’t imagine any part of sexual attraction being anything other than a huge fucking deal. I won’t blame my horniness entirely on the Southern Baptist church. But I’ll certainly blame them for how bad I felt about it.” (06/05/24)