Gaetz was US House’s top 2023 recipient of congresscritter welfare checks

Source: The Hill

“Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) was the top spender last year under the House’s new reimbursement program, an analysis by The Washington Post found. The reimbursement program, passed last year by a House panel, allows members to be reimbursed for expenses from living both in their home districts and in Washington. More than 300 members were reimbursed at least $5.2 million in 2023, the Post analysis found. … In the first 11 months of the program, the Post reported that 153 Democrats and 166 Republicans received reimbursements. Gaetz was the program’s top spender. He was reimbursed for nearly $30,000 in lodging expenses and more than $10,000 for food in 2023, the Post found. In two different months he billed more than $4,000 for lodging and more than $3,000 for five different months in the 11-month period.” (06/04/24)