Stanford clears student after “satirical” mocking of Federalist Society

Source: The Mercury News

“Facing forceful criticism and many questions, Stanford University moved Wednesday to allow a law-school student full graduation privileges after the student’s ‘satirical’ letter, sent months ago, provoked the ire of a conservative student organization and a strong defense from a student-rights group. Law student Nicholas Wallace was poised to graduate June 12, but his degree was held up while the school probed the missive, which took the form of a flyer advertising a made-up event titled ‘The Originalist Case for Insurrection,’ supposedly sponsored by the campus chapter of the right-wing Federalist Society. … Despite Wallace’s flyer being sent January 25 and advertising an event to be held three weeks earlier, on January 6, Stanford put his upcoming degree on hold two weeks before he was to graduate, after Stanford Law’s student Federalist Society chapter complained about the flyer.” (06/03/21)