Biden fundraising smears of Trump reflect his OWN hatred of your freedom

Source: New York Post
by staff

“Joe Biden’s anti-Donald Trump ramblings are always a case of projection, and his latest eruption is no different. Speaking at a fat-cat fundraiser, the prez insisted his rival is running because he’s ‘worried about preserving his freedoms.’ Uh, no: The indictments only started hitting Trump after he announced his 2024 run. And Biden’s bizarre locution says it all: He knows he’s the one attacking our freedoms and is letting the mask slip. Like through his obscene decision to classify the audio tapes of his humiliating interview with special counsel Robert Hur, though the transcript is already public). Or his administration’s efforts to fight ‘disinformation’ (i.e., opinions that Democrats don’t like and facts that prove politically inconvenient for them, with Orwellian uses of government power. Even on trivial stuff, like gas stoves, the Biden administration is salivating over the prospect of crackdowns.” (06/04/24)