Elon Musk Shows Us Why Individuals Can’t Save the World

Source: Common Dreams
by Manuel Pastor

“Elon Musk likes to be portrayed as a swashbuckling entrepreneur, a sort of romantic character in an Ayn Rand novel who opens up new enterprises and industries where others fear to tread. But these days, heroism is hard to find in at least one Musk-owned business: sales at Tesla are dropping, the Department of Justice is investigating the company for wire fraud given safety issues with their self-driving vehicles, and Musk is laying off the entire Tesla charging team. Why the turn in fortunes? It’s easy to lay the blame on particulars: the rise of Chinese EV competitors, the difficulties of opening Tesla’s closed charging systems to other brands, and the complexity of making self-propelled autos that are, well, not that well-propelled. But the lesson might be a bit simple for Musk and others wrapped up in their own self-made stories: live by the public will, die by the public will.” (06/04/24)