The Enemy Is Us (And I’m Not Just Thinking About Donald Trump)

Source: TomDispatch
by Tom Engelhardt

“Honestly, doesn’t it befuddle you? I mean, don’t you think we humans are kinda mad? And worse yet, at some deep level, we simply can’t seem to stop. All too often, we just can’t curb our urge to destroy. Looking back, the desire to make war and obliterate our ‘enemies’ is a deeply ingrained and repetitive pattern in our history. Each individual example can, of course, be explained (away) in its own fashion, but the overall pattern? Hmmm … I mean, you can certainly ‘understand’ the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Depending on your politics, you can explain it in terms of the threatening expansion of NATO or of a country run by an autocrat willing to see countless numbers of his people die … in order to take more territory …” (06/04/24)