Children Are Gifts, Not Projects

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Thomas Harrington

“I had my first child in graduate school. When the news came that I’d be a father, I was 30, in a relatively new relationship, living on a $700-a-month TA stipend, and had no money, I mean zero, in the bank. To say I was anxious is an understatement. … one of the kinder members of my department, a crusty Galician who had grown up in Cuba and studied with Fidel Castro, stopped me in the hall one day and said ‘Tom, sabes lo que dicen en Espana? Los bebes nacen con una barra de pan debajo del brazo”. (‘Tom, do you know what they say in Spain? All babies are born with a loaf of bread under their arms’). … my brother, someone not usually given to philosophizing or moral pronouncements, provided me with another pearl: ‘Your first job as a parent is to enjoy your children.'” (06/04/24)