Want government to work better? Then have it do fewer things.

Source: The Hill
by Kevin R Kosar

“Whatever one may think about tariffs and tax cut extensions as public policy, one thing is worth recognizing: Self-interested groups that benefit from these temporary policies are advocating on behalf of them and want them to become permanent. ‘So what?’ you might think. ‘That’s how the system works.’ That is absolutely true. The First Amendment protects Americans’ right to ‘petition government for a redress of grievances.’ They can lobby Congress, and if that doesn’t work they can file comments with executive agencies, sue in federal courts and campaign for elected officials who will do their bidding. But ask yourself, what happens to the government when organized interests relentlessly demand that it creates new benefits and maintains old programs? Answer: The government becomes so overloaded with to-do’s that it becomes scatterbrained and unable to focus its resources on the most pressing problems.” (06/04/24)