Trumpism With Chinese Characteristics

Source: The Dispatch
by Kevin D Williamson

“One of the ironies of contemporary politics is that Donald Trump offers himself as the champion of American interests against China when Donald Trump personifies the Chinese ethos. Consider the three most important parallels: 1. Both Trump and Beijing are, fundamentally, whiners. They complain endlessly about being singled out and treated — in Trump’s favorite words — ‘very unfairly,’ as though fairness and fair play were consistent with their own values rather than perfectly opposed to them. 2. Both sanctimoniously claim the protection of laws, rules, and norms they hold in comprehensive contempt when they do not align with their own interests. … 3. Both Beijing and Trump argue that economic success is an answer to all criticism. Trump’s argument for himself always has been, in essence, I’m very rich, so I must know what I am doing.” (06/04/24)