The West Should Be Receptive to Russia’s Openness to Talks

Source: The American Conservative
by Nicolai N Petro & Ted Snider

“There is clearly a path around the roadblocks that have prevented peace so far — security guarantees that would satisfy both Ukraine and Russia and serve as a starting point for territorial compromises. It would leave a secure Ukraine with 80 percent of its territory, which is more than it has been able to gain on the battlefield, and lead to EU membership. As Alexey Arestovich, a former Zelensky advisor who was involved in the Istanbul negotiations put it, for Ukraine this would be ‘not a bad deal at all.’ With tens of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers being wounded or killed each month, and the acute risk of more territory being lost, isn’t the option of negotiating a settlement with Russia at least worth exploring?” (06/04/24)