Epoch Times executive arrested over alleged $67 million money laundering scheme

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatari state media]

“A top executive at the Epoch Times, a New York-based conservative media outlet known for its fierce criticism of the Chinese government, has been arrested over his alleged involvement in a money laundering scheme. Weidong ‘Bill’ Guan, the outlet’s chief financial officer, is alleged to have participated in a ‘sprawling, transnational scheme’ to launder at least $67m in illegally obtained funds to benefit himself and the company, the United States Department of Justice said on Monday. … members of the company’s ‘Make Money Online’ team used cryptocurrency to buy tens of millions of dollars in crime proceeds …. Employees then used stolen personal information to open bank and cryptocurrency accounts for transferring the illicit proceeds, which were further laundered through other bank accounts held by the Epoch Times and Guan, according to federal prosecutors. Prosecutors said the charges are not related to the Epoch Times’s news-gathering activities.” (06/04/24)