Pedagogy of the Apocalypse

Source: In These Times
by Tatiana McInnis

“Teaching is a forward-looking practice. Each semester I outline what lessons my students can take from our classes, in light of their dreams and career plans. As it turns out, it’s impossible to educate for a future you are not confident exists. As Covid-19 escalated in 2020, I began teaching in the Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies Department at Texas Christian University. My students were in shambles. At least 16 of my 73 students got Covid-19; their peers held an anti-mask rally. … Some students shared that they felt professors were increasing workloads  –  which, one [b]lack 19-year-old laughed sardonically, was an affront, given that ‘we are in the apocalypse’. He was referring to the endless loop of state-sanctioned murder, mass illness, the ‘light-work’ effort to take the Capitol and overthrow the government and the fact that our planet is losing its ability to sustain our lives. I laughed with him to keep from sobbing.” (09/09/21)