News Publishers Try To Sic the Government on Google AI

Source: Reason
by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

“Google’s pivot to artificial intelligence has news publishers freaking out — and running to the government. ‘Agency intervention is necessary to stop the existential threat Google poses to original content creators,’ the News/Media Alliance — a major news industry trade group — wrote in a letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It asked the agencies to use antitrust authority ‘to stop Google’s latest expansion of AI Overviews,’ a search engine innovation that Google has been rolling out recently. … Overviews give ‘comprehensive answers without the user ever having to click to another page,’ the New York Times warns. And this worries websites that rely on Google to drive much of their traffic. … [Publishers] want to punish Google preemptively for daring (once again) to disrupt media business models in a way that news organizations don’t like.” (06/03/24)