FL: Cops repeatedly shoot 22-year-old whose family says he was having mental health crisis

Source: WUFT News [US state media]

“A 22-year-old suffered multiple gunshot wounds after police say he lunged at them with hedge trimmers on Saturday at 6 p.m. He is in stable condition, police reported. The incident occurred when Gainesville police responded to a call for an armed disturbance at 3400 N.W. 21st Street. Upon arrival, they encounter Kyle Kinsman holding hedge trimmers. His mother, Liana Kinsman, said she informed responding officers her son was having a mental health crisis. In a Saturday statement, police said the officers made several attempts to de-escalate, but Kinsman refused to comply with officers’ requests. According to police, Kinsman then lunged toward the officers, prompting an officer to discharge their service weapon multiple times.” (06/03/24)