A youth influencer exchange program for great power competition

Source: Niskanen Center
by Gil Guerra

“Since the end of the Second World War, two distinct periods have defined U.S. foreign policy: the Cold War, which saw the U.S. locked in existential competition with the Soviet Union, and the Global War on Terror, in which the U.S. sought to degrade the capabilities of terrorist groups around the world. Virtually every aspect of U.S. diplomatic and military service was tailored to meet the demands of these new distinctive eras. This included the rapid creation of youth exchange programs explicitly targeted in areas where our soft power could have the most significant impact. … To date, the U.S has not established an exchange program to address its current central foreign policy objective: maintaining the upper hand against China in their competition for global preeminence. Such an exchange program specifically targeted toward youth populations will be critical.” (06/03/24)