US Retrenchment from the Middle East Is Long Overdue

Source: Eunomia
by Daniel Larison

“One of the main myths that defenders of the status quo use to justify keeping things the same is the idea that the U.S. has this great stabilizing role and that retrenchment would leave chaos in its wake. Just consider the record of the last twenty-one years and ask yourself if you can honestly say that the U.S. has done more to stabilize than destabilize the region. Opinions will differ on this or that policy, but when we look at the overall picture we can see that the U.S. has acted as the arsonist in many places and then at other times it has acted as the Fahrenheit 451 fireman. When the U.S. isn’t bombing someone to ‘restore deterrence,’ it is backing insurgencies against a government it doesn’t like, and when it isn’t backing insurgencies it is arming despots to ‘deter’ some other government.” (06/03/24)