Trump’s Most Audacious Lie Yet

Source: The Atlantic
by David A Graham

“‘Hillary Clinton, I didn’t say, ‘Lock her up,’ but the people would all say, ‘Lock her up.’’ That’s nonsense, though the assertion was so bold that it gave me pause. I spend a lot of time watching and listening to Trump, but memories are fickle. I remembered attending Trump rallies where the crowd chanted ‘Lock her up,’ and I remembered Trump doing little to quell them. Was it possible he had never explicitly said the words himself? But of course he did. ‘‘Lock her up’ is right,’ he said in October 2016. ‘For what she did, they should lock her up,’ he said at a rally I attended in Greensboro, North Carolina …. he said, ‘Hillary Clinton has to go to jail. She has to go to jail,’ helpfully adding for the historical record: ‘I said that.'” (06/03/24)