Team Biden’s lies pile up as Taliban hold abandoned Americans hostage

Source: New York Post
by staff

“Why does Team Biden insist on telling lies that even it can’t keep up for more than a day? Does it really think its shameless spinning can contain the public fury or that Americans will just forget those left behind in the dishonorable exit from Afghanistan? It’s been insisting that fewer than 100 Americans are stranded in the land the Taliban now controls. But a reported 143 US citizens and green-card holders alone are stuck at Mazar-i-Sharif’s airport, booked on waiting planes the Taliban won’t let leave. More than a week after President Joe Biden declared his evacuation an ‘extraordinary success,’ countless Americans remain de facto hostages. And his minions’ efforts to spin away the truth is pathetic.” [editor’s note: They were warned to leave by the US State Department in June. They dawdled. That’s not on Biden – TLK] (09/09/21)