Send the Incompetent Brass a Message: Don’t Enlist

Source: Town Hall
by Kurt Schlichter

“Sometimes they need to learn by pain. There are only two ways we patriots can force our failed military leadership to learn its lesson until 2024, when we get a real president in office who is not bedazzled by medals and impressed by a bunch of guys who had two decades to exterminate a crew of fanatical banditos and failed. We can starve the brass of treasure …. Or we can starve them of blood — our kids’ blood, which for too long has been put at unnecessary risk by unserious military senior leaders consumed by unserious elite fetishes like ‘white rage’ and ‘climate change’ at the same time the Chi Coms are seriously prepping a slaughter of our troops that you can barely conceive of. Don’t enlist or recommend others enlist.” [editor’s note: Although this pundit’s issues are anything but peace-based, the statement is correct – SAT] [additional editor’s note: Stop sending them into optional and unwinnable wars. Problem solved TLK] (09/09/21)