The Perennial Panacea of Universal National Service: North Korea Shows the Way

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Doug Bandow

“America’s political class is worried. The people are divided and angry. They must be saved from themselves. The answer: universal national service! What could possibly go wrong? After all, North Korea is leading the way. Reported Colin Zwirko late last month: ‘North Korean teenagers and twenty-somethings are following the government’s call to leave home for coal mines and construction sites, and the country’s leader Kim Jong Un reportedly thanked them for their sacrifices in a new letter released in state media on Sunday.’ … All grandly selfless, as one would expect from a totalitarian hellhole where much of the population suffers in immiserating poverty and hundreds of thousands of people languish in labor camps. And also eerily reminiscent of a century and a half of national service rhetoric in America.” (09/09/21)