Non-Compliance Is an American Virtue That Stretches Back to Abolitionism (and Beyond)

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Olivia Rondeau

“In response to the COVID-19 lockdowns and mandates, the phrase ‘we will not comply’ and sentiments of civil disobedience have become increasingly popular. … Some may see the ‘we will not comply’ movement as a modern trend, but civil disobedience has a rich history in America. As Amy Swearer of the Heritage Foundation points out, the phrase harkens back to the anti-slavery abolitionist movement. … Not only is it moral to disobey laws that infringe on individual rights, it is morally necessary. Jim Crow segregation ended because people broke the law. Chattel slavery ended because people broke the law. So, for modern forms of government tyranny, such as medical mandates, it is clear that non-compliance is necessary to successfully fight back, despite the dangers that naturally accompany such a response.” (09/09/21)