Tariffs Won’t Fix Our China Problems

Source: The Dispatch
by Kevin D Williamson

“Unhappily, the two main competing currents of thought on U.S.-China relations are represented at the moment by Joe Biden and Donald Trump, which means that they are barely competing currents at all but instead are two very closely related variations on the theme of short-term parochial economic nationalism. Biden wants a 100 percent tariff on Chinese-made electric cars; Trump, in … contrast? … prefers a 100-percent tariff on Chinese-made electric cars, other Chinese-made vehicles, and pretty much everything else made in China. Washington talks as though the United States were on the verge of war with China. Our top foreign policy thinkers have been describing China as a U.S. enemy — as the main U.S. enemy — for a quarter-century. … yet, relations between the two countries are, at the formal level, utterly normal.” (05/31/24)