Trump Says the Game Is Rigged. It Is — in His Favor

Source: The Daily Beast
by Matt Lewis

“Trump commits egregious, unprecedented acts, and then he dares you to do something about it. Your choice is to either a) let him get away with it (thereby incentivizing future aggressions), or b) try to hold him accountable (which he will then cast as an act of aggression). To put it bluntly, Trump takes hostages. Rather than putting the country ahead of his own ego, Trump says, ‘You can shoot me, but I’ll make sure to also take down everything (the country, democracy, the criminal justice system, American institutions, etc.) with me.’ And then, amid the rubble wrought by chaos and division, Trump and his minions shout, ‘Look at what you made us do!’ Yes, the game is rigged, but it’s rigged toward Trump. It’s heads Trump wins, and tails the rest of us lose.” (06/01/24)