The Illusion of Financial Privacy

Source: Cato Institute
by Nicholas Anthony & Naomi Brockwell

“You have a 15‐​character password, shield the ATM as you enter your PIN, close the door when you meet with your banker, and shred your financial statements. But do you truly have financial privacy? Or has someone else been sitting silently in the room with you this whole time? While you might feel you have secured your financial information, the government has very much wedged its way into the room. Financial privacy has practically vanished over the last 50 years. It’s strange how quickly we have accepted the current state of financial surveillance as the norm. Just a few decades ago, withdrawing money didn’t involve 20 questions about what we plan to use the money for, what we do for a living, and where we are from. Our daily transactions weren’t handed over in bulk to countless third parties” (05/30/24)