Sweden: Regime accuses Iran of using Swedish criminals to target Israeli, Jewish interests

Source: SFGate

“Sweden’s domestic security agency on Thursday accused Iran of using established criminal networks in Sweden as a proxy to target Israeli or Jewish interests in the Scandinavian country. The accusations were raised at a news conference by Daniel Stenling, the head of the SAPO agency’s counterespionage unit, following a series of events earlier this year. In late January, the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm was sealed off after what was then described as ‘a dangerous object’ was found on the grounds of the diplomatic mission in an eastern Stockholm neighborhood. Swedish media said the object was a hand grenade. The embassy was not evacuated and the object was eventually destroyed. No arrests were made and authorities did not say what was found. On May 17, gunshots were heard near the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm and the area was cordoned off. No one was arrested.” (05/30/24)