CA: Police say thieves placing hidden cameras in residents’ yards

Source: SFGate

“California police are warning residents to be wary of home burglaries being committed by theft rings after a person in Los Angeles County found a camouflaged camera in their flower bed while they were gardening. In a Facebook post, the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station in Calabasas — about 30 miles outside of Los Angeles — said a camera and battery pack likely belonged to a South American theft group that was clandestinely surveilling the homeowner so it could learn their habits prior to a break-in. Lost Hills officials said clandestine cameras are commonly used by South American theft groups, which are ‘highly organized criminal enterprises’ typically made up of Chilean or Colombian nationals. Police say group members, often in the U.S. on limited tourist visas, travel between states to commit burglaries and thefts.” (05/30/24)