Don’t be fooled: NY v Trump is a lose-lose scenario for Democrats

Source: Fox News
by Jason Chaffetz

“No matter what the verdict in the Trump hush money trial is, the political consequences for Democrats will be painful. They are in a lose-lose scenario of their own making. Quick: what did Donald Trump do in New York to warrant a jury trial? Almost nobody can articulate it, but somehow this is worthy of prosecuting a former president in an election year? Regardless of the verdict, Democrats will be giddy thinking they bolstered their case that Trump can’t be trusted. They will be wrong. … the rest of America — the ones who will make the biggest difference in the swing states on Election Day — understand that this is lawfare of the banana republic variety. The rest of America rightly wonders why Democrats can only talk about Trump instead of issues that matter to them.” (05/30/24)