Trump Criminal Trial: Even Trump-Hating Analysts Scratch Their Heads

Source: Town Hall
by Larry Elder

“After weeks of testimony, the criminal trial of former President Donald Trump is now in the hands of the jury, with the outcome unpredictable. Without cameras in the courtroom, news outlets relied on those attending the trial, many not even attending every day, to ‘report’ whether Trump or the prosecution is ‘winning’. With some exceptions, the hosts and pundits on outlets like CNN and MSNBC argued both the law and evidence warranted a guilty verdict. Host and analysts on conservative outlets saw the trial differently and argued the law and facts compel at least a hung jury, if not an acquittal, despite the overwhelmingly anti-Trump Manhattan voters. Those rooting for a conviction have a problem. A lot of serious analysts, who cannot stand Trump, consider this case problematic at best and politically driven at worst.” (05/30/24)