Starmer’s Night of the Plastic Knives

Source: spiked
by James Heartfield

“The Corbynite left is being purged from the Labour Party. … The team around [Keir] Starmer has made the calculation that with a lead of more than 20 points, the story of the next election is already set in stone: the Tories are out and Labour will come in on a landslide. Starmer no doubt thinks this is the best moment to silence his rivals because left-wing voters have nowhere else to go. This may all look like the Night of the Long Knives on the surface, but in typical Starmer fashion, even when he stabs you in the back, it’s with a stage knife that only appears to do harm. The truth is that Starmer’s left-wing critics lost power four years ago, when he became leader. Denying them the Labour rosette is just the theatre of power.” (05/30/24)