Researchers find a tiny organism has the power to reduce nitrous oxide in farm fields

Source: SFGate

“In the world of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide gets most of the blame. But tiny organisms that flourish in the world’s farm fields emit a far more potent gas, nitrous oxide, and scientists have long sought a way to address it. Now some researchers think they’ve found a bacteria that can help. Writing in this week’s Nature, they say extensive lab and field trials showed the naturally derived bacteria reduced the nitrous oxide without disrupting other microbes in the soil. It also survived well in soil and would be relatively cheap to produce. ‘I think that the avenue that we have opened here, it opens up for a number of new possibilities in bioengineering of the farmed soil,’ said Lars Bakken, a professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and one of the authors of the study.” (05/29/24)