Trump’s Outreach to the Libertarians an Absolute Trainwreck

Source: The Nation
by John Nichols

“It is nothing short of amazing that no one informed Donald Trump before he made a desperate personal appeal for the support of the Libertarian Party that Libertarians have never particularly liked him. But Trump got the message loud and clear when he appeared Saturday at the party convention in Washington and was greeted by boos, shouts of ‘hypocrite,’ and a sign that declared, ‘No wannabe dictators.’ … Asking for an endorsement from a party that he refused to join, even though that refusal disqualified him from being the party’s actual nominee, was definitionally weird. Yet a woefully ill-prepared Trump seemed to believe that his mere presence would win the delegates over. He got that call dramatically wrong. By the time the convention balloting began Sunday, Trump barely registered. He won just six write-in votes in the first round of votingfor 0.65 percent of the total.” (05/29/24)