California Liberals [sic] Say They Welcome Afghan Refugees. Rents There Say the Opposite.

Source: The Atlantic
by Darrell Owens & Muhammad T Alameldin

“Although a few refugees are being resettled in California — and with the affordability crisis, even that tiny number is struggling — the Golden State is no longer the haven for refugees that it once was. … the implications go far beyond the plight of refugees in search of a better future. California is not affordable to most Californians; the pace of housing growth is so anemic that children born in California today are almost certain to be forced to leave the state or vacate the coast for an affordable home. In 2020, the state’s population shrunk for the first time ever, and research shows that most of the departed are low- and middle-class Californians. This is no accident. The state’s housing policies were designed with this outcome in mind.” (09/09/21)