Haiti: Hundreds mourn gang killings of mission director and young US couple

Source: SFGate

“Hundreds of people packed into a sweltering church in Haiti’s capital on Tuesday to mourn Judes Montis, a mission director killed by gang members who also fatally shot a U.S. couple that worked with him. Wails filled the crowded church during the early morning service as tears streamed down the face of Montis’[s] wife. The service also honored the lives of Davy and Natalie Lloyd, a married couple in their early 20s who was with Montis when gunmen ambushed them on Thursday night as they left a youth group activity held at a local church. Montis, 47, leaves behind a wife; two children, ages 2 and 6; and a brother who was present the night the killings occurred. ‘We’ll never forget you or the path you created for others!’ cried out one mourner as the crowd dressed in black and white made its way from the church to the cemetery.” (05/28/24)