Bipartisan Support for Small-Scale Farmers Could Advance Farm Bill

Source: Common Dreams
by Anthony Pahnke

“Much has been made about how the U.S. House’s draft of the Farm Bill (that massive omnibus legislation that governs our food system) stands little chance of advancing. Whether the potential cuts to food assistance, or its lack of attention to climate change, the 900 page-plus bill moving through the House is being slammed by Democrats in the Senate and House alike. Posturing from both sides aside, Democrats and Republicans should work across differences and pass a Farm Bill before electoral campaigns in the fall put legislative activities on hiatus. Furthermore, the opportunity for bipartisan work exists as both parties acknowledge the importance of small-scale producers. Supporting such farmers would keep working people on the land while also showing what political maturity could look like as partisan squabbling too often stymies serious work from getting done in D.C.” (05/28/24)